End of Year Business

Report Cards and STAAR test results were sent home with your child today.  You may keep the envelopes and all of the contents.

Tomorrow is our End of the Year party.  The third grade will be celebrating together at the pavilion area on the north side of our building from 9:30 to 10:30.  Parents are invited, and you may sign your child out early if you wish.  Please remember to sign in at the office and obtain your visitor’s badge before joining us.

Thank you all for a very good year.  It has been a blessing getting to know you and your precious children.  Have a safe and joy-filled summer!


Unit 28 Spelling Test is on Friday, May 17

Unit 28 Spelling List
Test:  Friday, May 17, 2013

1)   find  –  I can’t find my new library book.

2)  years  –  It has been years since I visited Six Flags.

3)  there  –  There are many wildflowers blooming in the fields now.

4)  were  –  My friends and I were excited about Field Day.

5)  book  –  What is the title of your favorite book?

6)  life  –  Have you studied the life cycle of a butterfly?

7)   told  –  Our coach told us to wear athletic shoes on P.E. days.

8)   living  –  How long have you been living in White Oak?

9)  these  –  One of these days, I am going to clean my closet.

10)  needed  –  I needed a new bat because I outgrew my old one.

11)   run  –  The teachers needed to run more copies on the copy machine.

12)  order  –  We follow CHAMPS behavior rules in order to stay safe.

13)  their  –  It is funny to watch dogs chase their tails.

14)  first  –  The first part of a friendly letter is the heading.

15)   open  –  The children were open about their feelings.

16)   gave  –  The young boy gave his dollar to a homeless man.

17)  such  –  I like fruit, such as strawberries and blackberries.

18)  food  –  What kind of food do you feed a hamster?

19)  important  –  Teachers always seem to have important information to share.

20)  its  –  The tree in my front yard was the last one to lose its leaves last fall.

Unit 27 Spelling List / Test: Friday, May 10, 2013

Unit 27 Spelling List
Test:  Friday, May 10, 2013

1)   story  –  Please write a descriptive story.

2)   living  –  My aunt is currently living in Germany.

3)  could  –  Could you come to my house today?

4)  life  –  A sea turtle’s life can be very long.

5)   there  –  Are there any more snacks in the cabinet?

6)   United States  –  Were you born in the United States?

7)   about  –  I didn’t know about the schedule change.

8)  high  –  I think the zip-line is too high off of the ground.

9)  short  –  My friends and I think that recess is too short.

10)  Black  –  Miss Black is a very good reading teacher.

11)   after  –  My teammates and I went out for pizza after practice.

12)   because  –  The students are very excited because they are going to the park.

13)  eat  –  My son loves to eat oranges.

14)  hear  –  I hear that Mom is making my favorite dish for dinner tonight.

15)  pages  –  Some of the pages in my book have been torn.

16)   city  –  The city of White Oak is a wonderful place to live.

17)  use  –  Do you prefer to use map pencils or crayons?

18)  white  –  The new house was painted white.

19)   across  –  We walked across the long bridge to the other side of the river.

20)  along  –  The boat sailed along the coastline.

Very Important Change of Plans

Due to a cold front forecasted for this Friday, we have had to change our plans.  Instead of going to the Splash Pad, we will be going to McWhorter Park in Longview off of Gilmer Road.  The students will need their 3 drinks and a sack lunch.  Instead of a change of clothes, the students may bring ONE item for play . . . please no bats.  They may bring a ball and glove.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Parents are still welcome to join us at the park.   We will board the buses at school around 9:20 and will depart from the park around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Reply Requested

On Friday, May 3, all third graders will have lunch at the White Oak splash pad due to Grandparent’s Day at school.  Students can bring their own sack lunch or have one made by the cafeteria.  The cafeteria lunch will consist of a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple, a mini rice crispy treat, and milk.  The cafeteria needs a count of how many sack lunches to prepare by Wednesday morning.

Please send me a note, or write in your child’s planner, by Wednesday, May 1, whether or not your child will need a cafeteria lunch.

Parents may join their children at the splash pad, but will need to pay the regular admission fee.

We will leave the school about 9:20 and return about 1:00.

Please remember to have your child bring the following items:

3 drinks (only one soda please)

sack lunch (if not ordering a cafeteria lunch)


change of dry clothes


appropriate/modest swimwear (boys – swim trunks with t-shirt) (girls- one piece bathing suit with shorts)  or (non-white t-shirt and shorts)

Unit 26 Spelling List / Test: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Unit 26 Spelling List
Test:  Thursday, May 2, 2013

1)   own  –   I always wanted my own bedroom.

2)   through  –  The cafeteria is only open through breakfast and lunch.

3)   group  –  Our research group will work on a new project this week.

4)   since  –  I have been at White Oak schools since kindergarten.

5)   would  –  Would you know how to read a map if I showed you one?

6)   many  –  Many kids like pizza for lunch.

7)   world  –  My brother has traveled all over the world.

8)   their  –  The pine trees in my yard drop their pine cones in the fall.

9)   they  –  My cousins told me that they may come over tonight.

10)  plants  –  My mother loves plants both inside and outside of our house.

11)   above  –  The branches of a tall oak tree hover above my house.

12)   fish  –  I have never caught a fish before.

13)  there  –  Kids like stories when there is a happy ending.

14)  animals  –  I love taking care of animals.

15)   country  –  Our country is 237 years old.

16)   picture  –  My mural will picture many types of flowers and butterflies.

17)  its  –  White Oak is known for its wonderful community.

18)  red  –  I love to eat bright red juicy strawberries as a snack.

19)   half  –  My friend shared half of her piece of pie with me.

20)  true  –  Does your mom know how to cook true Mexican food?